Day 6 – I’m not superstitious.. but I am a little stitious – Michael Scott

I am not superstitious … stepping on cracks, black cats, ladders, and salt.  So weird.  Where do these ideas come from? What, where, and why in the world?  Not me!  I suppose I’m quirky.  Eclectic.  Ironic. Funny.. at least to me I am funny.  Or maybe just weird.

There’s a whole category of people who miss out by not allowing themselves to be weird enough.  ~ Alain De Botton

I have not suffered from this affliction.  I have made many weirder friends.  Friends that even I sometimes think.. woah.. so weird.  However, the weirdness is what I love.  The weirdness is what draws me to them.  The acceptance of self.  The acceptance of others. 

I think everybody’s weird. We should all celebrate our individuality and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it.   ~ Johnny Depp

Every weird thing about you is beautiful and makes life interesting.  ~ Kesha

I am not superstitious though.  Just weird.  I do have some habits though that would appear to make me seem slightly superstitious. 

I always think of the worst thing that could happen in any situation.  Every time.  I have done this since I have been a child.  When I was young I apparently worried about EVERYTHING.  My mother told me one day that this was a good habit to have. She told me that it was a good thing because whatever you worried about most would never happen. At that point, instead of just worrying about things, I would write down the absolute worst thing that could ever happen for every situation I was in.  It calmed me down.  I have continued this behavior to this day. It has come in super handy in the case of actual emergencies.  I’m amazing in an emergency situation.  I really think that this is a true way of avoiding really bad things.  You can not say I’m wrong. I have never been in a zombie apocalypse.  I have never had a plane fall from the sky and land on my face.  I have never been eaten alive by a pack of cannibals (or any other wild animal).  I have never found myself starving or dying of thirst in a desert, a mountainous area, the middle of the ocean.  I have never had a parasite bed itself permanently in my body driving me to attempt to cut it out because it was making me crazy.  I could go on and on and on but I think you get the point.

I like being weird. Weird’s all I’ve got. That, and my sweet style.  ~  Leo Valdez

I always try to do the right thing all of the time because I am fairly sure I am being watched all of the time.  Again, my mom.  “Would you be doing that if someone were watching you?  Well, it’s possible that there is always someone watching you. So no matter where you are, all of the time, behave as if someone were watching you.”  People.. children are impressionable and you should really take care of what you say to them.  These things stick. 

I’m accused of being super judgmental.  I am always shocked when i hear this.  I’m not.  I mean generally I am not.  I mean, I am annoyed with folks who do not do their part in life, who do not accept others, who blame others for their own issues, who love to argue with everyone about everything, who constantly ask for advice and then never follow it, who wail around in self-pity while not making any movement to change their behavior, who make loud sounds when they chew food.. ok.. ok.. I might be a little judgmental.  But one of my better qualities is that i get over my irritations quickly.. usually.  I’ve been working on finding ways to not appear so judgmental.  I say appear, because I really do not feel that I am judgmental.

We judge ourselves by our intentions. And others by their actions.  ~ Stephen Covey

I always try to sing a song in my head as a response to every question asked before actually responding with words.  This habit did not completely come from my mom.  I would bite my tongue with her but when I was 17 and in boot camp I learned some hard lessons about responding immediately with what I was actually thinking when the company commander screamed in my face about some ridiculous thing I was doing. Initially, this helped me provide a better response to individuals that made them feel better about themselves or how they felt about what I was doing.  It served me well for many, many years.  Unfortunately, I am actually so good at it now that I can make up a song and still respond vocally almost immediately with responses that do not please the folks around me.

I can actually make myself invisible when I do not want to be approached or bothered. When I was a child, I had very low self-esteem.  I was made fun of a lot and really hated who I was.  I spent years trying to make people laugh because that is the only time I felt good about myself or felt that others liked me.  At one point I had hit rock bottom in regards to accepting myself and feeling that I deserved to exist.  From the bottom of the barrel I started trying to find ways to pull myself back onto my feet.  I removed myself from the picture and pretended that I was not there.  No one seemed to have noticed my disappearance.  I was literally invisible.  I would become visible only when necessary.  This allowed me to remove my emotions from situations and I began to understand that I really was not any different than anyone else out there.  As a matter of fact, I began to see and feel my worth in the world.  

I know what you are thinking.  “You really were not invisible.  You were just quiet.  You did not interact but that doesn’t mean you were not seen.”  I beg to differ.  Stick with me on this example.  I was at the mall with my daughter and her friend from school.  They were shopping and I decided to get something to eat.  I sat at a bar in the mall and no one approached me.  No one asked if I wanted a glass of water even.  I finally got up and walked away.  I met my daughter and her friend in a different restaurant.  They were not there yet. Everyone around me got sat down and served.  No one approached me until the kids appeared.  We sat down and I kept trying to get the attention of a waiter.  No one came.  We got up and left the mall and stopped at a Mexican restaurant.  The waitress came to the table and took the order of the kids but completely did not SEE me.  I was so confused.  I forgot that I had made myself invisible that morning.  So, I put my glasses on and the waitress immediately appeared and took my order.  Of course the kids thought that was hysterical and didn’t believe me when I told them why I had not been seen.  So to make my point, I took the glasses back off.  The waitress came to the table and took the order of the kids but did not even ask me if I wanted anything.  They were rolling at this point.  I put the glasses back on and bing, bang, bong.. the waitress came back and boooom.. I was able to put in an order.  You can choose not to believe me but to this day, I can still make myself invisible.

Some are born weird, some achieve it, others have weirdness thrust upon them.Dick Francis

I am guessing there are many more examples of my stitiousness.  I guarantee that none of my habits are quite super though.

Stevie Wonder ~

Very superstitious
Writing’s on the wall
Very superstitious
Ladder’s about to fall
Thirteen month old baby
Broke the looking glass
Seven years of bad luck
The good things in your past

When you believe in things
That you don’t understand
Then you suffer
Superstition ain’t the way

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6 thoughts on “Day 6 – I’m not superstitious.. but I am a little stitious – Michael Scott

  1. Amazing the effect of the glasses. Wow.
    I like the weird quotes. Who would have thought Johnny Depp thought himself weird, yet he is!
    I think a lot of kids hear their Mum in their ‘ears.’ Mums try to do their best but they do stuff up sometimes. Children do soak it all up and sadly, it affects them. After we process it all, some folks are able to accept it and then eventually let it go.

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