Day 17 ~ Minnehaha ~ Little Italy ~Word

One thing I love about Spokane, Washington is the numerous hikes you can take.  So much nature.  So many outdoor activities. All so close to where ever you live in the city.  During a recent trip home, I hiked Minnehaha.  This is a park that is on the outskirts of what I recently found out to be “Little Italy”.  I had no idea that I had spent most of my childhood being raised in an Italian neighborhood.    

I hope you enjoy the views from my hike in Minnehaha.

The rest of the photos are from newspaper articles and others who posted to a group I belong to about the area.  I just can’t get enough of the old pictures and data that these folks have been providing.  It’s like revisiting my childhood.  There was the school I went to, the library I visited, the store across from the school I shopped at, and the park I played in.  With no parental supervision.  Those were the days.  I mean, maybe they were and maybe they were not.  Great memories!! Enjoy.


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