Day ~ 22 The new normal?

There really isn’t anything normal about this… business meetings …happy hours…family reunions .. bad internet connections.. broken and dropped calls..  #2020.. good riddance!!!

2 thoughts on “Day ~ 22 The new normal?

  1. No, this is not normal, and our (the US) reaction hasn’t been normal either. We live in an information age, but yet we get “follow the science” and specialist scientists who disagree. I think this is a garden of Eden path to more autocracy and control. I don’t trust the scientists, the politicians, or the talking heads. By staying home, many more stringently than others, we are ruining our immune systems, and in the case of many, becoming despondent from the isolation, including children. Now we have therapeutics that can cure the disease, except for those at high risk, and a vaccination on the immediate horizon. I am not happy at all with 2020 or the decisions that have shaped it. I’m just glad we got to Spain to visit our daughter (who lives there now) before the epidemic started. We’ve also been to Idaho twice, North Carolina twice, and have taken approriate precautions, and we over 70. My son-in-law’s tested positive twice; the first time he had loss of taste, the second time, ran a fever occasionally. Meanwhile he done lots of work on their house, including installing new windows. I really don’t want to start 2021 in lock-down — and our governor has just made restrictions tighter, but previous restrictons didn’t seem to quell the positive testing. Crazy.

    • Yeah i think it’s the new short term normal. I actually have no words for 2020. None! Just done with it and crossing fingers that we all come out the other side not too damaged!

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