Hodophile (adj.) – Origin: Greek  Definition: “Lover of roads”, or better “love of travel.”

My life is a road man.  Walking on it, sitting on it, marveling at it.  Imagine if we had no roads.  Sometimes the road is hard but if you stay on it, you will get somewhere. If you don’t like the somewhere you end up, you can leave it behind and go off on another .. if you can’t find another road.. build one.  Brick by brick.

If you go off the road, that’s ok.  Just keep going, eventually you will find another.  There are no wrong turns.  Only wrong choices.   Keep movin’ man.  keep movin.

Roads – stickymango; misstraveler; prab; milford; monkey; agov; wanderingcanadians; baydreamer; newlife; restlessjo

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