‘Fluctisonant’ is a rare word for “sounding or roaring like waves.” It’s little used today, which is a shame.

So many different memories and images of various beaches around the world.  They are big, they are small, they are rippling and riffling.  There are decumans, and spindrifts, swashes, that are undisonant and fluctisonant.  I have been fluctivaganted, beached, ripped, and chopped by waves.  I’ve seen bootyfloss and the 9-eyed monkey, while watching folks go puffins on the beach.

So hang ten dude! And for sure, I have no idea if I used the words above correctly.

In this big ball of people, I’m just one grain of sand on this beach. Aurora

beachy: Goff; Merrildsmith; Ted; Debbie; minustide; Sherry; Dianna; reflect; murray; crispina;

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