Day 17 ~ Minnehaha ~ Little Italy ~Word

One thing I love about Spokane, Washington is the numerous hikes you can take.  So much nature.  So many outdoor activities. All so close to where ever you live in the city.  During a recent trip home, I hiked Minnehaha.  This is a park that is on the outskirts of what I recently found out to be “Little Italy”.  I had no idea that I had spent most of my childhood being raised in an Italian neighborhood.    

I hope you enjoy the views from my hike in Minnehaha.

The rest of the photos are from newspaper articles and others who posted to a group I belong to about the area.  I just can’t get enough of the old pictures and data that these folks have been providing.  It’s like revisiting my childhood.  There was the school I went to, the library I visited, the store across from the school I shopped at, and the park I played in.  With no parental supervision.  Those were the days.  I mean, maybe they were and maybe they were not.  Great memories!! Enjoy.


Day 10 – #2020 continues

“Oh dear God, I was going down. There was no stopping it. Visions of broken necks danced in my head.”
~J. Lynn

I know it’s probably not ok to blame 2020 for everything going on in your life but it does seem to be as good of an excuse as any… I mean aside from my own clumsiness!!

2020 first ever Sami vs. Treadmill. Treadmill 1 down. Sami just down. Lucky I did not break anything. Positive note .. I am very blessed to have been practicing strength, balance and endurance for so many years. Nothing broke, just torn ligaments and scrapes

“Are you referring to the fact that you can’t walk across a flat, stable surface without finding something to trip over?”
~Stephenie Meyer

Clumsypoetry; foggy; clumsydiet; clumsywaiter; elephant; careful 

Taking it to the Streets – Vienna

“Graffiti is one of the few tools you have if you have almost nothing. And even if you don’t come up with a picture to cure world poverty you can make someone smile while they’re having a piss.”
― Banksy, Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall


The Daily Post’s Collage challenge got me to thinking about my recent trip to Vienna and the beautiful collages I found while walking the waterways. Once again I am taking it to the streets.. one of my favorite blog themes.  Yahoo.. street art!!!

After visiting Krakow, Poland and Budapest, Hungary, I was sort of meh with Vienna, Austria.. UNTIL.. my friend convinced me to walk down towards the water and where we just happened to run into a little street fair and a ton of amazing street art.  Sometimes the road more travelled ends up being the best road to be on.  Of course there were many more examples, but these were really my favorite.  Threw a couple of musicians in just for fun.  I hope you enjoy.





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I’m on top of the world looking down on….

I feel like I’m on top of the world. Honestly, I feel like I’ve climbed a very giant mountain, and I’m just standing right on top with my arms wide open and breathing rarified air.  Shania Twain

I have had many opportunities to climb to the top of things (or fly over if the climb is beyond my limits.  I recently took my first helicopter ride in South Africa and climbed all over Table Mountain.  I hope you enjoy.



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Just exquisite

South Africa

Science shows us truth and beauty and fills each day with a fresh wonder of the exquisite order which governs our world. Polykarp Kusch

Exquisite animals –

I blame it on Walt Disney, where animals are given human qualities. People don’t understand that a wild animal is not something that is nice to pat. It can seriously harm you. James Cameron

Even then I could not help myself.

Exquisite views

Exquisite people places and things

Just one more best vacation ever and it will not be soon forgotten.  Happy half century on the planet to me!!!

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