Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple) Kathmandu, Nepal


This week I’m going to be tackling two different challenges.  Height from Ailsa’s Where’s my Backpack and Childlike from the Daily post.  Easy peasy after visiting the Monkey Temple in Kathmandu.  Between thousands of stairs and hundreds of monkeys, I think I got it covered.

Being new to Nepal, I’m very unsure of getting around.  I’ve been taking taxi’s and walking so far.  Everything seems very far away from where I live. I’m sure as I am here longer, things will start to feel closer.  I went with some friends to Swayambhunath Stupa (स्वयम्भूनाथ स्तुप) also known as the Monkey Temple.  I didn’t realize it while in the back of a taxi zipping past cycles, people and cars (sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right side of the road) but this is actually only about a 20 minute walk from Thamel which is located about a 15 minute walk from my apartment.  I will try to walk it at some point, but need to get my bearings first.

This temple is a great tourist site as well as a place that many Buddhists and Hindus from around the world visit.  It sits above the city with amazing panoramic views that you reach after climbing over 365 uneven steps.


Along the climb you can see dozens of monkeys at play or scavenging food and hoarding it from the many dogs.  The monkeys are considered Holy though to me they appeared to be from the same typical mischievous monkey family that I have witnessed the world over.  However, there were moments I did in fact wonder if they were not of a higher level.

The complex houses several stupas, temples and shrines and along the route there are active prayer rituals occurring and prayer candles being lit.  The colorful prayer flags are everywhere as are several stalls hawking everything from prayer flags to etched stones. Both young and old make this trek and it really is well worth it.  After enjoying a light lunch with some fresh juice and Nepali tea we headed back down to the bottom.

It was definitely an amazing place to visit and I will be back as I wasn’t able to visit the other stupas and points of interest that are attached to this one.  You can complete the visit to this stupa in less than 1/2 a day or you can spread it out over an entire day if you have the time.

Hong Kong Traveling Through

Finally on my way to Nepal and so it’s only fitting I complete Ailsa’s travel theme this week with my photos of traveling through Hong Kong.  I hope you enjoy.

I am finally done with my language training and in honor of passing my program I bought myself a little present.  It’s still a point and shoot just a better version with a better optical zoom.  It’s a Sony Cyber Shot with a 50x optical zoom.  It also has some fun features like “illustration mode”, “water color mode” and a few that I haven’t quite figured out yet.  I’m still getting used to some of the different special effects. Some I like and some make me feel that the picture is not actually real. I think it’s the HD black and white especially that I’m not sure if I like because it’s almost too intense.

Anyways.  I am currently on a 4 day lay over in Hong Kong before heading on to Nepal.  I decided to play with some of the camera’s special effects, test out the zooming ability as well as try taking some plain old normal pictures.  I hope you enjoy my attempts.

iPhoneography Challenge: Macro Photography

It’s Monday .. Monday.. can’t trust that day.. on the other hand.. this was a great challenge to welcome in the spring.. I hope you enjoy my input for the iPhoneography Challenge: Macro Photography.  Spring.. spring.. spring..

SUNDAY POST : Natural Resources

Jake’s theme for this week is natural resources…click here to go to his page.  His weekly challenges always present a challenge for me because I like to find photos that are a little outside of the box.  This week I’m going to stay very much in the box and only as a side-note step out.  I hope you enjoy.

My first photos are from a visit to a Cambodian silk thread weaver factory.  We saw the process of creating yarn from piles of leaves to larvae to silkworm to yarn to weaving.  It was amazing to watch these ladies work, knowing that these ladies sat in these positions for hours using the natural resources that surround them to make a living as well as to create beautiful natural crafts.

Cambodia Silk making factory. Ladies weaving the thread.

Cambodia Silk making factory. Ladies weaving the thread.

Textile machines in silk factory

Silk worms at the silk factory in Cambodia

Silk baskets that hold the silkworms while they weave/spit their threads.

Silkworm bush to harvest silk.

Bed of leaves to grow and feed silk worm

Silk worm bushes/trays.

The next group of photos come from Spokane, Wa (natural water resources) and the drive to Seattle, WA (natural wind resources).

A river runs through it. Spokane, WA has a river running through the center of the city. Over the years it has helped to create energy for the city as well as a beautiful backdrop for the 1976? World’s Fair.

Windmills that produce energy on I 95. A very windy area.

A river runs through it. Spokane, WA has a river running through the center of the city. Over the years it has helped to create energy for the city as well as a beautiful backdrop for the 1976? World’s Fair.

Windmills that produce energy on I 95. A very windy area.

This is a water fountain in the middle of the city. I was told that it is fed by the Spokane river that runs through the city.

Windmills that produce energy on I 95. A very windy area.

Windmills that produce energy on I 95. A very windy area.

These next four photos are from Catatumbo, Venezuela.  They are of some local crabbers making their living and feeding their family off of the natural resources of the water they live in and are surrounded with daily.

The man doing the work. Amazing to watch their handmade crab trappers and how fast this man needs to work to catch each crab.

The job and the net

Local crabbers living on Venezuela’s natural resource

The haul

These final pictures are simply of people (me included) enjoying a variety of natural resources.

Sailing on wind power in San Francisco Bay

Using nature and a natural phenomena to enjoy the cold.

Climbing trees in Shanendoah National forest.

Trying to break up some dead wood for a fire using natural resources to do the task.

Hauling dead wood to create seating at a camp in the Shanendoah National Forest

Just hanging around on a hike in Shanendoah National Forest

Climbing trees in Shanendoah National Forest.

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