Day and Night

To me, every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle. Walt Whitman


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I spy….

The meaning and origin of the expression: I spy with my little eye –

The game I Spy originated in Victorian England. It remains a common pastime played by children – albeit often initiated by adults to occupy bored children on car journeys and the like. One person secretly chooses an object that they can ‘spy with his/her little eye’ and the others take turns to guess what it is.

But let me now stop; I may be a little partial, and view every thing with the jaundiced eye of melancholy – for I am sad – and have cause. — Mary Wollstonecraft

Wintertime blues – NOT

We can all use a little more sunshine in our lives during the cool and dark days of winter.  So here ya go!!

“Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.”  – Hafez

“Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.”  – Christopher Columbus

sunshine on a winter day

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Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum

“There was a single blue line of crayon drawn across every wall in the house. What does it mean? I asked. A pirate needs the sight of the sea, he said and then he pulled his eye patch down and turned and sailed away.”
― Brian Andreas

I thought at first it was a statue.  However, very quickly I learned it was not!  I’m often never fooled by this type of shenanigans.  However, in the end, it was well worth the $5 I gave him to perform for me. And, matey, perform he did.  Truly a pirate at heart.  From one pirate to another!

“I’m no longer a child and I still want to be, to live with the pirates. Because I want to live forever in wonder. The difference between me as a child and me as an adult is this and only this: when I was a child, I longed to travel into, to live in wonder. Now, I know, as much as I can know anything, that to travel into wonder is to be wonder. So it matters little whether I travel by plane, by rowboat, or by book. Or, by dream. I do not see, for there is no I to see. That is what the pirates know. There is only seeing and, in order to go to see, one must be a pirate.”
― Kathy Acker

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  1. a landscape or scene with the strangeness or mystery characteristic of dreams.
    “surrealism’s popular manifestations were the dreamscapes of Salvador Dali”
    “Red light flickered behind her closed eyelids, and when she opened them, she discovered that they were surrounded by flames.
    Let it burn….
    His sleek brow wrinkled, and he shook his head. Poor man looked conflicted, which was an interesting expression on a nightmare. “Your city is on fire.”
    She smiled languidly. “Ain’t it grand?”
    ― Erin Kellison
    “As the dreamscape around me grows clearer, I slip further away from it. The mind is a magical thing, I’m discovering. A dreamscape is made of thought and is wider than the sky, able to grow large enough to fit not just our own world, but every possibility and impossibility beyond it. Once I quit thinking of it as being forced into the laws of physics, it’s easy to manipulate the dreamscape into anything I want. I don’t know how I know all this, no more than I understand how I know things when I dream. I just do.
    I throw up my hand, and a wall rises between the orange grove and me. Behind the wall, I start creating the world I need in Representative Belles’s mind.”
    ― Beth Revis, The Body Electric