Bikes and Birds in Amsterdam

You can’t show more balance than a bike or a bird.  Unless you are looking at 2 drunk men on top of a building.  Oh Amsterdam.


So yeah, I mean, I guess you could, but for this trip, it was a perfect theme to end the month.  Work life and travel balance.  But back to birds and bikes.


I hope you enjoyed.

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A Tree at Sunset

Thanks Sally for the great inspiration. Just a tree.. or several…

Springtime in Amsterdam.  New life sprouting and so organized in lines.  It was a very unique photo of a random group of trees.


And now it feels like the mid of winter..


A little overexposed..just as I felt coming from Nigeria with a 40 degree difference in temperature.

Version 2

And sort of just spooky!

Version 3

I hope you enjoyed.

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