Sunday Post: Morning Reflections

Flying in the morning.. looking out the window reflecting on where I am going.

I was out of town last week and did not participate so I decided to combine a couple Sunday post topics today.  They are a perfect combination because morning is my favorite time to reflect.  So here goes and thanks to Jakes Printer for the last couple inspirations – Sunday post morning and Sunday Post reflection.

My reflection through your eyes. Brunch in San Francisco

Mornings are my favorite time to reflect on everything from what I will be doing today at work or what happened 20 years ago.  My favorite way to reflect is over a cup of coffee.

Organic farm posada owner prepping fresh ground coffee

Fresh ground coffee ready

Reflecting on how lucky I am over a fresh cup of organic coffee.

Camping and hiking and being out in nature help pull out the deepest reflections for me on my life and my luck and how everything fits together so perfectly.

Breaking camp in the Andes, Venezuela

morning coffee in montana camp

morning coffee sis

Dad waiting for coffee montana

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My last reflection of course would be either music or a quote as those seem to be my favorite way to end a blog.  This song touches me especially with the photo reflections that are attached to the video.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

“Every once in a while, people need to be in the presence of things that are really far away.” ― Ian Frazier

This week’s photo challenge is guest hosted by Brian CooneyIt is a theme that has so many options. Near and far … far and near.. it’s all perspective. I have grown up with difficultly distinguishing the depth and distance of objects.  My entire life my parents just thought I was clumsy.. and to a point that probably was true.

My first impulse was to only do visual representations of near and far, but after getting off of the phone with my daughter and granddaughter it dawned on me how many more takes on near and far one could have.  So my first photo is my most deeply touching impression of how near and yet how far something can be.

Skype conversation with my daughter and grand-daughter.

Picture of a conversation with my daughter and grand-daughter from Venezuela to Washington State. So near but so far away.

My next couple of shots I love because they almost give me vertigo.  Considering my problems with depth perception they really exemplify near and far… how far one could fall if they misunderstand where the next step starts.  I also find it interesting how shooting down a set of stairs seems so much more intimidating that up a set of stairs.

These final shots are all examples of near and far to me from different view points.  I hope you enjoy.

“There’s something about sitting alone in the dark that reminds you how big the world really is, and how far apart we all are. The stars look like they’re so close, you could reach out and touch them. But you can’t. Sometimes things look a lot closer than they are.” ― Kami Garcia

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“Everything seems simpler from a distance.”
― Gail TsukiyamaThe Street of a Thousand Blossoms

“I tried to put things in perspective but sometimes you’re just too close to it.”
― Cormac McCarthyNo Country for Old Men

Last perspective on Near and Far.. is time and place.. Tomorrow can seem like it’s so far away and yet running into someone you knew 20 years ago can bring back those days and make them seem like they happened only yesterday.  What does near and far really mean?  Is it really only perspective?

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Travel Theme: Sunsets

“A large drop of sun lingered on the horizon and then dripped over and was gone, and the sky was brilliant over the spot where it had gone, and a torn cloud, like a bloody rag, hung over the spot of its going. And dusk crept over the sky from the eastern horizon, and darkness crept over the land from the east.”
― John SteinbeckThe Grapes of Wrath

Los LLanos, Venezuela

One of the most beautiful regions in Venezuela is “los llanos”, those huge plains where only the horizon stops your sight. Both, the vegetation and the fauna are full of beauty. Several ecosystems will make a trip to this region an unforgettable one.

I missed the last Sunset Travel Theme from “Where’s My Backpack” so I was very pleased That it came around again.  Throughout my travels I have been fortunate enough to have seen some of the most brilliant sunsets.  Like clouds for me, I am often spell-bound by what nature is able to produce.. simple yet complicated, heart stoppingly beautiful.. and a gift.. yeah you heard me.  Absolutely free.. ours for the taking.  So take I did (photos).My favorite sunsets are seen from the mountains or near the ocean or really any body of water.  Possibly due to the connection of cloud formation near water and elevation, they are some of the most stunning sunsets I have experienced.  Here are a few sunsets I have collected in the past couple of years in Venezuela.  I hope you enjoy.

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.”
― Jo Walton

Curacao- is an island in the southern Caribbean Sea.  About a 45 minute flight from Venezuela.

Imagine an island where hidden coves reveal an emerald-blue sea. Where arcs of golden sand stretch out beneath vibrant, multicolored sunsets. Where a rich historical heritage meets Caribbean vitality. Where the only thing you need to worry about is deciding how to spend your next day in paradise. Imagine Curaçao: the best-kept secret in the Caribbean.

Delta Orinoco in Venezuela.

The Orinoco delta is a vast, intricate labyrinth of waterways weaving through a simmering jungle to carry the waters of the Orinoco to the Atlantic Ocean. The Orinoco Delta – the landmass now known as Delta Amacuro State – has formed over the course of thousands of years as the mighty river has deposited millions of tonnes of sediment into the ocean.

Los Nevados, Venezuela located in the Sierra Nevada National Park.

The Andean Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada of southwestern Venezuela, barely an hour into our five-hour descent from the 4,045-meter heights of Loma Redonda to the whitewashed walls and red tile roofs of a hidden hamlet called Los Nevados.

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“When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.”
― George R.R. Martin

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My Tribute to Clouds

Clouds will remain for me one of the most comforting things to behold and possibly the best form of escapism around. I have always been fascinated by clouds.  I don’t know many people who haven’t stared into the sky trying to figure out what shapes could be found.  They are ever changing, and always interesting. They are visually amazing, sometimes to the point of being heart-stopping. They are dependable.  They have been everywhere I have been and they will be everywhere I go.  In tribute — I present to you – – my favorite photos of clouds from all over the world- mixed up with a children’s story I would use with my 1st and 2nd graders in California.  Enjoy.

The Cloud

One hot summer morning a little Cloud rose out of the sea and floated lightly and happily across the blue sky. Far below lay the earth, brown, dry, and desolate, from drought. The little Cloud could see the poor people of the earth working and suffering in the hot fields, while she herself floated on the morning breeze, hither and thither, without a care.

“Oh, if I could only help the poor people down there!” she thought. “If I could but make their work easier, or give the hungry ones food, or the thirsty a drink!”

And as the day passed, and the Cloud became larger, this wish to do something for the people of earth was ever greater in her heart.

On earth it grew hotter and hotter; the sun burned down so fiercely that the people were fainting in its rays; it seemed as if they must die of heat, and yet they were obliged to go on with their work, for they were very poor. Sometimes they stood and looked up at the Cloud, as if they were praying, and saying, “Ah, if you could help us!”

“I will help you; I will!” said the Cloud. And she began to sink softly down toward the earth.

But suddenly, as she floated down, she remembered something which had been told her when she was a tiny Cloud child, in the lap of Mother Ocean: it had been whispered that if the Clouds go too near the earth they die. When she remembered this she held herself from sinking, and swayed here and there on the breeze, thinking, thinking. But at last she stood quite still, and spoke boldly and proudly. She said, “Men of earth, I will help you, come what may!”

The thought made her suddenly marvelously big and strong and powerful. Never had she dreamed that she could be so big. Like a mighty angel of blessing she stood above the earth, and lifted her head and spread her wings far over the fields and woods. She was so great, so majestic, that men and animals were awestruck at the sight; the trees and the grasses bowed before her; yet all the earth creatures felt that she meant them well.

“Yes, I will help you,” cried the Cloud once more. “Take me to yourselves; I will give my life for you!”

As she said the words a wonderful light glowed from her heart, the sound of thunder rolled through the sky, and a love greater than words can tell filled the Cloud; down, down, close to the earth she swept, and gave up her life in a blessed, healing shower of rain.

That rain was the Cloud’s great deed; it was her death, too; but it was also her glory. Over the whole countryside, as far as the rain fell, a lovely rainbow sprang its arch, and all the brightest rays of heaven made its colors; it was the last greeting of a love so great that it sacrificed itself.

Soon that, too, was gone, but long, long afterward the men and animals who were saved by the Cloud kept her blessing in their hearts.

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Capture the Color

I was recommended to participate in a contest called “Capture the Color”, sponsored by TravelSupermarket – click (here) to see rules for the competition.

All you have to do is publish a post with photos that capture the following 5 colors – Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red. You then nominate five other bloggers that you admire or enjoy to enter a post following the same criteria of the contest. Lastly, you enter your post at “Capture the Color and there actually is a prize for the winner in each color category. I don’t often enter contests of any sort as I enjoy looking at other’s amazing photos rather than participating.  I also don’t play the lottery.  However, I found the challenge fun in that I was able to go back over my own photos and find some of my favorites that might “capture” the colors listed.

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