Colors in Countries

Black and white are the colors of photography. To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected.

Robert Frank

IMG_6971 2

But add color.. how does this change the picture?


Other colors I really liked from Turkey, Korea, and Nepal. I hope you enjoy.

Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray,

and your picture will always be bleak.

Try adding some bright colors to the picture

by including humor,

and your picture begins to lighten up.

Allen Klein

Daily Prompt: Local Color

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Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

No Standing in New York

No Standing in New York

New York Times Square

New York Times Square

Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss


“a kiss blown is a kiss wasted
a true kiss is a kiss tasted
kisses bring germs and germs are hated
so come here babe im vaccinated.” – unknown


Always kiss your children goodnight, even if they’re already asleep. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Terrible video and yet so funny…



Friends are kisses blown to us by angels. ~Author Unknown


Happiness is like a kiss – it feels best when you give it to someone else.  ~Author Unknown

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Saturday, February 16: The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Kiss. There are a lot of ways to capture a kiss, between two people – lovers, family, friends; two animals, or even just the sending or receiving of a kiss.

31 days of randomness – Personal Inspiration 20 – Caring too MuCh !!!???!!!

In continuation of my 31 days of randomness – Day 20 – How much is too much?

I’m a natural fixer of things.  When I see a problem, or what I perceive to be a problem, it is my natural inclination to want to fix it and make it better.  I’m a great person for seeing whole picture.  I’m hardly ever worried about the steps from beginning to end.. I’m more focused on the end result and doing what you have to do to get to that end.  My concern is that I over-help.  I over-involve myself in situations that I should probably have no business being involved in.  For the most part I can emotionally distance myself so I don’t crash down into the situation.. however, I am often disappointed when a situation is not resolved in a satisfactory manner no matter how much effort “I” put into it.

I sometimes have difficulty distinguishing how much is too much.  If I do everything and the person becomes dependent on me for being the motivating factor of accomplishing anything am I really still helping them?  Do I need to be doing as much as I am doing?  Should I be stepping back and not doing so much?

I need to analyze who owns the problem? I don’t want to give up on the people I love but want to hand back the situation to the owner or they will never learn to accept responsiblity for their actions.  I suppose I am a little afraid that if I don’t stay involved (or over-involved) failure will be imminent.

My other issue is always feeling personally responsible for everyone’s accident’s, failings, sadness, anger or frustration. I often feel that there is something I could have done or should have done to make everything all right. No matter how insignificant the situation, I feel that I was at least in part responsible for things that went wrong or when things are beyond exceptional.

I missed an event last night.  I was in no way required to go to this event and had had a day that did not energize me into going.  I was burdened with guilt.  I had every excuse in the book prepared as to why I didn’t go.  A couple people did ask why I didn’t go (which made me feel even “badder” about not going) but the truth is I just haven’t wanted to do much socializing lately.  I need to remind myself that is MY feelings and should no way be a negative reflection of who I am.  My guess is no one even really notices the things I am holding myself responsible for in the end.  Part of me feels somewhat like a bully for trying to take charge of everyone’s emotional stability.

My inspiration today is to step back and try to distinguish what role I am playing in several different situations.  I will try to figure out what it is I am trying to accomplish by over-involving myself in certain situations.  I will continue to give the help that is asked and try to let go of the rest.  I will try to stop caring “TOO” much.

This all started from a random site I found called  Apparently there is a group of people who have committed to posting a topical theme a day for 31 days.  31 Dayers 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban – Spokane – Going Home

The photo challenge this week was, Urban. I was excited because I LOVE urban/street photography. My first impression of “urban” involved inner city pictures in stark black and white, colorful graffiti laden walls or magnificent buildings, parks and festivities like these from San Francisco, Venezuela, D.C. and New York.

However, the challenge stated “The idea behind urban photography is to photograph your city and the streets where you grew up as they are.  My response to this was, “Oh no, boring.”  I do love a challenge however and so to my city as I saw it on my last visit I go.  I hope you enjoy.

Spokane, Washington – My hometown.

Dick’s Hamburgers. A Spokane ICON.

A river runs through it. Site of the 1974 World’s Fair.

Riverfront Park after the 1974 World’s Fair

Spokane Courthouse across the river from the downtown area.

John Rogers High School. Class of 1985 – Go Pirates.

Whitworth Univeristy. Class of 1998 and again 2003.

The Elk. A local pub in historical Brown’s Addition.

Brown’s addition at my sister’s house.

The Red Wagon in Riverfront Park

Neighborhood Christmas decorations. Yup.

What can I say.  Spokane IS my hometown and no matter how far away I go, I always come back to it.  I was born and raised here. Lived my entire life up to 18 here.  Came back when I was about 23 with my two daughters and spent another 10 years here.  Most vacations I get I go back.  It’s a great place to raise a family and is surrounded by nature 100%.

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There are valleys, mountains and streams in every direction AND it’s only about a 4-5 hour drive from Seattle.  I love Spokane and the family and friends I have there.  I hope you enjoyed reading this and looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

This week’s photo challenge with the daily post is guest hosted by Terence S. Jones of A Guy With a Camera

Urban. The idea behind urban photography is to photograph your city and the streets where you grew up as they are. Unlike the photoshopped pictures to which we are accustomed nowadays, urban photography presents a more direct, unaltered view of life. It is about documenting urban living space and how people adapt their environment to certain needs and vice versa. Urban photography shots provide cultural, social, economical, and ecological context all at once, and can capture social tension.

Think of urban photography as a complement to street photography—it provides the context in which street photography unfolds.

Share a photo that means URBAN to you!

Terence S. Jones is an Atlanta-based photographer. Check out his blog,Terence S. Jones Photography – A Guy With a Camera. There, you will find regular updates and current projects as well as other photography-related topics. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.