Land of Confusion- perspectives of people and regret


“It’s like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.”
― Patrick RothfussThe Name of the Wind

I constantly have a story running in my head.  It might be about myself, a person or sometimes even an object.  Physical posture and minute facial expressions cause my mind to whirl into motion creating entire histories about a person’s happiness or sadness and the entire story behind the slump or jump of an individual.


The following photos are of people that caught my attention in motion or manner.  I’m sure you can imagine some of the stories I made up about them.  Of course I have no real idea of what’s going on in these pictures but oh the stories I can come up with.  I hope you enjoy.

DSC04750 DSC04746

“Tell the story that’s been growing in your heart, the characters you can’t keep out of your head, the tale story that speaks to you, that pops into your head during your daily commute, that wakes you up in the morning.”
― Jennifer Weiner

Yes, they are sweeping the road which is 90% dirt

6:00 a.m. Saturday morning.  Sun barely up and YES, they are sweeping the road which is 90% dirt.  Did I mention it was a dirt road?

“The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.”
― Brandon SandersonThe Way of Kings

Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion;  Perspective; Humble Pie – Regret.

“I could not stop talking because now I had started my story, it wanted to be finished. We cannot choose where to start and stop. Our stories are the tellers of us. ”
― Chris CleaveLittle Bee


After posting the above now-famous “Banana Picture” of my youngest daughter in my “Wrong” challenge, I have been threatening her with dedicating an ENTIRE post on her and her very clever, and to me very cute, overly expressive face.    She said she would dis-own me if I did.. but I know her better than that.  I was just waiting for the perfect idea or challenge when I happened to be walking through the old weekly photo challenges from Jakesprinters and came across the weekly Sunday photo challenge: Expression and I knew that this was the time and the place.  Never mind this challenge was placed way back in February.. I don’t let time constraints or rules hinder me.

Now before I start I would also like to say that my daughter’s cousin played a huge part in mocking and teasing my ever so sensitive daughter so I shall be including her in this post.

I will begin by first saying that my entire family is lovely.. well, beautiful if I do say so.. and the pictures I am about to present are not ugly, they are just so funny to I will start by showing what these two lovely ladies look like at their best (as well as the rest of my family)  and after that… let the expressivism begin..

Haute Pink Photography

Haute Pink Photography

Haute Pink Photography

Haute Pink Photography

Haute Pink Photography

Haute Pink Photography

Just to show I’m not picking on Madison, I’ve included some of my favorite overall expressivists photos on the planet.

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Eisenhower had about the most expressive face I ever painted, I guess. Just like an actor’s. Very mobile. When he talked, he used all the facial muscles. And he had a great, wide mouth that I liked. When he smiled, it was just like the sun came out.
Quotation of Norman Rockwell