Factory in Nepal – Textures of light and color

I have lived in Nepal for almost a year now and just recently was able to visit a company called Tara Oriental which just happens to be less than a ten minute walk from my house.  This is a company that produces and designs its own Pashimina (Cashmere) shawls.

Before we visited the store though we were able to take an amazing tour to see how these very beautiful shawls were created.  Everything here is done by hand.  It was awesome to see how much care goes into each and every shawl.  You could really tell that the owner who gave us a personal tour really cared about her product and was very proud of what had been created here.

I hope you enjoy.


Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. ~~Dalai Lama

My favorite things often have

a story behind them and are usually handmade

or discovered at a flea market.

And in case you are wondering… Yes..I found some in their store down the street from my house.


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