Animals on a Hash

Last photos on this particular hash.  In less than two hours we saw dogs, goats, chickens, water buffalo and a rooster we were all convinced thought he was a vulture.  I hope you enjoy.

Crazy animals.. love these

  1. A cat
  2. A dog/Threads and ties
  3. My dogablog
  4. Kitty love
  5. Horses
  6. Deer
  7. Little Snoopy
  8. Ducklings
  9. Eagle
  10. Birds
  11. Padapus
  12. Fish
  13. Horsey
  14. Catty
  15. Sheep
  16. Birds on water

Closing in

All of the following flowers were actually smaller than the tip of my pinkie.  Pretty amazing eh.

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Monsoon = Green Nepal

The beauty of monsoon in Nepal is reflected most obviously when walking through the hills and valleys just outside of Kathmandu Valley.  I arrived in Nepal September of 2013.  When I started hashing I thought it was quite beautiful and lovely.  I would not have thought that it was dry and subdued in color.  After weeks of rainy days though, I can very much see a difference in the vibrant greens that just pop out on our walks now in comparison to when I first started hiking here.  I hope you enjoy.

Only downside of hiking in the monsoon —


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Naughty Doggies on A Hash

In this week’s photo challenge, capture an image that tells a full story in a single frame.  Dogs will be dogs…


What could have happened?  I’ll give you some hints.. just minutes before…


No worries.. in the end it was sorted out and no goats were injured.

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Simply Hashing – Bhimdhunga, Kathmandu


My favorite thing to do in Nepal thus far has been hashing.  It has been a way to experience different parts of life in this country and only needing to drive just outside of the valley.  I have never ran a hash because I enjoy having the opportunity to slowly pass through little villages, talking to some locals and snapping photos snippets of their daily lives.

Just like people everywhere, they are caught up with what is going on directly in their world.  However, unlike many people in many places it does not involve television, cell phones or for that matter, nearly any form of technology.  Their lives are hard and simple at the same time.  No matter what though, as soon as you give them a smile and a namaste… they will return the same to you with their sweet nature showing through.  I hope you enjoy.

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