Going back to give myself a hug

Man Has Conversation With His 12-Year-Old Self

I love this video.  I wish I had created it.  After a friend sent it to me I began to think, as I am sure you have as well or will begin to, “What would I say to my 12 year old self if I could?  This is not a new concept as a matter of fact it’s probably one of the most over-done acts around.  Yet we all still think about it… still wonder about it.  Many of us are entranced when we see it done.

Most of the things I can think of telling myself are pretty cliche:  Don’t give up.  Keep on trucking. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Learn to relax and don’t take life so serious.  You can’t save the world if you can’t save yourself first.  Love yourself as much as you love others.  Stay away from the bad guys.  Live life completely and don’t take for granted the life you have.

Other things are less obvious:  When you want to say something and think it is important.. say it.  You might only have one chance and if you lose that chance, it MIGHT be gone forever.  Learn WHEN to help others and learn when to walk away.  Try to live a life with no regrets because you can’t change the past look towards the future.  Each decision you make will be the right one at the time you make it.. it’s what you do after the decisions you make that are important.  Hold yourself accountable for what you do and take pride in it.  It is o.k. to be wrong as long as you learn from it and again, it’s the things you do after you are wrong that are important.  Learn to LET GO. Your future is sooo bright.

More important than what I would say to myself is probably what I would do to or with myself.  I would give myself a big, long hug.  I would take my hand and actually lead me to better places to more positive people.  I would video-tape my funniest actions and words and take tons of pictures of me having a good time and later look back on these moments with myself for a 2nd round of good laughs.

I did eventually do many of these things to myself but it took over 25 years to actually start trying and another 15 to actually make these things a consistent habit. I’m also still working on this.  I have done and said most all of these things to my daughters while they were growing up.  Not sure if it made a difference at the time I said and did them but I see the difference now.

I think that probably one of the most important things I have learned through life and have tried to instill in my daughters is to just learn to deal with all of the things life throws at you.  When “shit” happens and you find yourself in places or situations that are just plain not good for you.. make those necessary changes and get back to where you know you need to be.  I realize I can say this now in hindsight but isn’t it true that hindsight is the only time you really have perfect 20/20 vision?  What would you say or do to your younger self?

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