Just a bike, a sunset and a few other random shots

Have fun, be active.

Ride a bike instead of driving, for example.

Dan Buettner

Lens and Pens by Sally offers up some great photo challenges.  They are always fun to look through.  They are also very educational and creative.

I chose to use this random picture of a bike leaning against a wall.  It’s so interesting how changing just a few of the color or saturation elements of a photo can completely change the feeling of the photo.  I only used the iPhoto editing program on my computer to change the picture.  It was fun and interesting.

Original photo

Original photo

A compilation of the same photo recreated in black and white, saturated, antiqued and adjusted.  Black and white is always my favorite.

And because you have been good.. a bonus sunset with hipstamatic, Instagram and Lo-mob.

RaNDoM ShOtS w/iPhone!

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iPhoneography Challenge: Portraits of Nature for Earth Day

The weather here as been amazingly inconsistent.  When I saw, Lens and Pens by Sally‘s iPhonegraphy Challenge, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to celebrate the very few spring-like days we have had in the DC area. (p.s. today was NOT one of them as I nearly froze on my bike-ride to school.)  I also really like the idea of supporting spreading the Earth Day message through random natural photography.  So the following photos are the lovely examples of nature I have accumulated over the past week riding to and from school.  I hope you enjoy my effort.

I loved Frames & Focus’s list of things she is doing to celebrate Earth Day 2013 and thought I would add a little of my own ideas.

Happy Earth Day!  Things I am doing (or at least attempting to do) to celebrate Earth Day 2013:

  1. Continue to ride my bike to/from school. (even on bad weather days.. at least on nice days)
  2. Buy products that are natural or at least are packaged in recyclable containers.
  3. Learn to better understand what CAN and CANNOT be recycled.
  4. Donate some of my unused items to a Salvation Army or other entity in need.
  5. Contribute to a cause relating to some part of nature I love.
  6. Visit a farmer’s market after going on a nature walk.