iPhoneography Monday: Black & White

Over the weekend I attended the Nepali Festival in DC.  It was an interesting introduction to time management and organizational skills in Nepal.  I arrived early so I didn’t have to wait in any food lines.. so I was one of the lucky ones.  All in all I had a good time and was able to enjoy delicious momo’s, goat curry and a spicy potato salad.  I was also able to purchase a few gift t-shirts and a very beautiful knife which I will send to my son-in-law who loves collectors knives.

This particular knife is called a “खुकुरी” and is an example of the national knife of Nepal. they are also called Gurkha knives and are used by most Nepalese for cooking, cutting wood, decoration and safety.  They are very well-known for their cutting power.. and even this older knife I bought ($15) was so sharp I was afraid to take it out of it’s cover…which by the way was also very sharp.  The name Gurkha comes from the original use of the knife by Gurkha soldiers since 1814.  Beautiful piece.  There are some interesting stories around this knife that I won’t post here as they are pretty gruesome.  I hope you enjoy.


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iPhoneography Monday: Night Photography

I realize it is Tuesday but I loved this photo challenge. I loved it largely because I am NOT a night-time person.  I am often teased by friends because I like to be in my home and in my pajamas by about 7pm.  I would agree that it is a sad thing, however, I have been this way since I was a child.  While my sisters would fight bed-time, I would get my jammies on, go around give kisses and hugs and head for bed.

Another reason I loved this challenge was because most of my night time photos do not turn out very well.  My iphone photos are worse.  HOWEVER, I do have a few night-time photos I have taken over the past couple of months that I do like.  Despite the fact they did not turn out clear or perfect, I still like them.  I was super amazed with how well other’s iPhone photos turn out.. and not just turn out but are quite amazing.  I hope you enjoy.

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