Sunday Post: Perspective – NEW YORK ADOPT ME!!!

On May 27, Jakesprinters weekly challenge was all about Perspective.

Here is my perspective:

This was a great challenge for the week and a topic that caused me to really re-think about some of my past travels in a different light.  I’ve traveled all over the world and I love this part of my life and this part of this job I have.  However, after my travels I always seem to come back to the U.S. loving it even more than before I left.  The place I find I love the most is New York.

There is just something about this city that makes me happy.  The people are fantastic, the buildings are amazing and there is ALWAYS something interesting going on.  Even when NOTHING is going on.. there is SOMETHING going on.  It is a city that never really sleeps but even with that you can find your moments of quiet and solitude.

I have been treated so kindly by New Yorkers and am always shocked when I hear people say rude things about the city or the people.  If you want to be involved there are a million opportunities.  If you want peace and quiet you can have it in a natural setting or even in the middle of a crowded street.  The people will engage you or leave you alone based on your stance and attitude.

There is art and culture mixed with grime, crime and graffitti, good and bad, quiet and chaos.  It’s the one place in the world you can have it all.. or have absolutely nothing and be o.k.  You can travel to Italy or China in 10 minutes.  High end stores or sidewalk sales.  Hundreds of great places to eat, several dozen modes of transportation quirky characters all in one place.  What more could you ask for?

Though I can’t really live there right now, I think that eventually I might. It’s expensive and I’m not from New York so moving there might be a little hard for me to do. I’m not quite sure how to bring this up but it would be so much easier for me to make that transition if New York would just adopt me. Yes, you heard me.. I want the City to adopt me.  I’m not talking about getting a key to the city.. I’m talking about the City actually legally adopting me.  I realize that would probably entail me changing my last name to York.. or even New York but I’m ok with that.  Why should the city adopt me?  Why can’t I move there without that happening?  I don’t know it’s just my perspective that I am a good fit and this is something that should happen.

I’ve included some photos of some of my favorite things in NY.  If anyone reading this knows how I might be able to get the paperwork started don’t hesitate contacting me.  I’m only sort of joking.

SUNDAY POST : Attraction

Jakesprinter’s May 5, Sunday posting Attraction brought some awesome submissions from others and was also a great theme for me to catch up on some activities that I have been participating in with my guests and between my studies.  I hope you enjoy visiting these images and might just be inspired to come check out the DC area.

So from sailboat rides to wine festivals…capital buildings to Naval Academies.. Navy memorials to police memorials…historical re-enactments to inspirational sayings and statutes.. welcome to my neighborhood.

SUNDAY POST : Sentimental Value

Ohhhhh Jake.. This week’s Sunday Post theme really touched me.  I will start by saying I’m not a very sentimental person.  At least as far as material things go. I’m very sentimental about close friends and definitely sentimental about my kids and grandkids.  Other than that.. not so much.

I can’t begin to say how many things I have lost due to theft, travel damage or just inattention.  I think these losses are some of the reasons I don’t hold many things physically or even in a sentimental position in my heart or head.  I do believe I posted a picture of one of my most recent total losses in a prior post.

Having said that.  I do have few objects that have managed to stand the test of my times.


SUNDAY POST : Arrangements

The act of arranging or being arranged like Places, living things or collection of things that have been arranged.

So starts the Sunday Post Challenge from JakesPrinter.  It’s an interesting challenge because in reality, nearly everything is arranged.  We arrange schedules, people and objects all for a variety of reasons.

There is the natural arrangement of words to give sense to things..

Hello!  My name is Samantha.

नमस्ते। मेरी नाम साम हो।

Hola! Mi nombre es Samantha.

I’m not extremely particular person in regards to how I like things organized.  Well, mostly.  O.k. I guess I am pretty particular.  Things just make sense when they conform to a specific natural arrangement.  Arrangements make things pretty. Arrangements make things interesting.

favorite arrangements are in 3's

favorite arrangements are in 3’s

IMG_0876 IMG_0875

Love 3's-Most things I arrange are in 3s

Love 3’s-Most things I arrange are in 3s


Beer flight arranged quite nicely

Beer flight arranged quite nicely

Arrangements can sometimes cause one to pause and think about why things are the way they are.

Shopping carts not quite arranged outside my window.

Shopping carts not quite arranged outside my window.

Cornish game hen arranged

Cornish game hen arranged and interesting to look at.  A little bizarre if you look too long.

Arranging things can lend calm to a frantic mind and it also makes certain things easier to locate.

IMG_0883 IMG_0884 IMG_0886 IMG_0887 IMG_0888Every day when I sit down to study.  I arrange my items very specifically in a manner that is most conducive to learning.  It’s the only way I can operate and think and learn.



SUNDAY POST : Captivating

Jakesprinter’s newest weekly theme is “captivating” to say the least.

The first thing I am very captivated by is a candle glowing in a dark room.  The light and shadow play is so mesmerizing.  Soft music in the background, no tech, no gadgets, no tv. Just myself, a room, music and dancing shadows.  Best way to end a day.

Other things that captivate me are things like:

Amazing architecture against a brilliant blue sky:


the photo’s of others:

Certain visions embedded into music:

70’s music in general

I’m not a religious person and I don’t go to church usually, but I do love certain Christian songs and the imagery connected with them.

For more Captivating Sunday Posts visit Jake’s page.