Travel theme: Bridges

Ailsa from “Where’s My Backpack” travel themes is “bridges” this week and her personal inspiration was the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

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Travel Theme: White

Peace is Possible

International Day of Peace celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2011. Although it was first celebrated in 1982, it was established in 1981.

The following photos and songs exemplify peace to me or at the very least leave me with peaceful feelings.  During my travels through Korea, China, Cambodia, Thailand and Peru I found several photographic examples that were white or represented peace.  I hope you enjoy.

Sooner or later all the people of the world will have to discover a way to live together in peace, and thereby transform this pending cosmic elegy into a creative psalm of brotherhood. If this is to be achieved, man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love. – MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR

These bells on a white temple in Thailand when rang sent off a beautiful melody that resounded deep in my heart giving me a peaceful feeling.

There never was a good war, or a bad peace. – BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

Stacking rocks in Korea was an act of meditation which was meant to bring about a peaceful feeling.. though in honesty, I didn’t always feel peaceful while attempting this feat.. it was harder than it appeared.

Peace can become a lens through which you see the world. Be it. Live it. Radiate it out. Peace is an inside job. – WAYNE DYER

A white temple in Cambodia seen through the cracks of another temple was inspiring. Many of the temples had incense and candles burning in them so when you walked through them sometimes almost making you swoon.

After a long, hopeless war, people will settle for peace, at almost any price. -SALMAN RUSHDIE

In Cambodia and most of the Asian Countries I have visited almost of the walls and doorways had amazing and intricate details of worshiping or praying images.

If you don’t know the guy on the other side of the world, love him anyway because he’s just like you. He has the same dreams, the same hopes and fears. It’s one world, pal. We’re all neighbors. – FRANK SINATRA

In Korea the white balloon symbolized peace and freedom and often these balloons were let loose into the air with candles inside so the white would glow bright and high into the sky.

Find peace in where and what you are. – CHRISTOPHER PAOLINI

Symbols of meditation and peace are spread throughout Japan.

At the heart of happiness lies peace. It is the last and the highest attainment of the soul. – HUGH BLACK

White statute in Korea.. solitary.. meditative..

If you don’t have peace, it isn’t because someone took it from you; you gave it away. You cannot always control what happens to you, but you can control what happens in you. – JOHN C. MAXWELL

White Cambodian Temple with brightly colored monk walking in front.

Peace is Possible

We’re trying to sell peace, like a product, you know, and sell it like people sell soap or soft drinks. And it’s the only way to get people aware that peace is possible, and it isn’t just inevitable to have violence. Not just war — all forms of violence. People just accept it … [but] We’re all responsible for everything that goes on, you know, we’re all responsible for Biafra and Hitler and everything. So we’re just saying “SELL PEACE” — anybody interested in peace just stick it in the window. It’s simple but it lets somebody else know that you want peace too, because you feel alone if you’re the only one thinking “wouldn’t it be nice if there was peace and nobody was getting killed.” So advertise yourself that you’re for peace if you believe in it.


Solitary cross at the top of a hill in front of a church in Peru.

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Travel Theme More signs – Some of my favorites

“What’s that supposed to mean? A wolf’s head on a stick. Big wolf barbecue tonight? Bring your own wolf?”
― Eoin ColferArtemis Fowl: The Lost Colony

Ok.. I don’t usually like repeats but was inspired by Untitled Adventures Blog that focused her Wrong Theme on Konglish.  I love signs.  I think I said that in my own Travel Theme Signs blog.  I’m going to say it again.  Signs are cool.  They can give direction, a warning, inspiration, a quick laugh or simply cause confusion.  My favorite signs are literal translations in other countries, but don’t be mistaken we in the U.S. have our own goofy, inspirational and hard to understand signs as well.  Here are a few of my favorite signs from around the globe.. Enjoy.

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“I come to a red light, tempted to go through it, then stop once I see a billboard sign that I don’t remember seeing and I look up at it. All it says is ‘Disappear Here’ and even though it’s probably an ad for some resort, it still freaks me out a little and I step on the gas really hard and the car screeches as I leave the light.”
― Bret Easton EllisLess Than Zero

Travel Theme: Leading Lines

It was difficult for me to find the perfect photo for this weeks travel theme. Not because I couldn’t find a photo to use, but because there were too many lines to choose from.

We are surrounded by lines from the moment we are born to the moment we die.  There are lines we follow, lines we wait in, lines we create.  Many natural lines are not straight and barely look like lines but you know they are.  There are the lines we cross and the lines we should NEVER cross.  Then finally, there’s the end of the line.  Here’s my interpretation of this weeks travel theme.  Enjoy

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