Saudade (noun) Origin: Portuguese | sɐw’dadə A nostalgic longing to be near again to something distant or someone that is distant.

I am nostalgic about almost every place I have ever been.  I miss the memories of the traveling I have done, of the places I have seen, of the people I have met.  I took a trip to Croatia with my youngest daughter a few years ago and it really was an amazing time.  Sure there were the mommy/daughter moments that were outrageously annoying.  However, I prefer to only remember the best parts of that trip.

I think it’s easier to remember … and to forget the annoyances of traveling with family than it is regarding issues that arise while traveling with friends. For me, it is because family has known you forever and you have your patterns and histories of the good and the bad.  For every bad there is a good.  Especially with your children.  My dream has always been to show my children the world.  Luckily for me, I have been pretty successful at that.

Though I do love traveling with friends.  There is always a feeling of saudade when my children or family are not around.  I feel like I have let them down by not having them participate in my adventure.  The re-telling is never the same as the being there.  Also, there is a freedom of being able to comfortably be at your best, your worst, your goofiest, your happiest, and even your saddest.  I am looking forward to more travels with them, more memories with them, and really, just being nearer to them.

“That strange sense of being different stays with you. You long to be with people who are more like you. Similarities are what bonds humans than differences, Beevitha.”
― Husna Mohammad

Saudade:  Irina; Iamfierce; candk; seeking; julia; zeki; simon; Asakura; agogo; chronosfer;

Day 17 ~ Minnehaha ~ Little Italy ~Word

One thing I love about Spokane, Washington is the numerous hikes you can take.  So much nature.  So many outdoor activities. All so close to where ever you live in the city.  During a recent trip home, I hiked Minnehaha.  This is a park that is on the outskirts of what I recently found out to be “Little Italy”.  I had no idea that I had spent most of my childhood being raised in an Italian neighborhood.    

I hope you enjoy the views from my hike in Minnehaha.

The rest of the photos are from newspaper articles and others who posted to a group I belong to about the area.  I just can’t get enough of the old pictures and data that these folks have been providing.  It’s like revisiting my childhood.  There was the school I went to, the library I visited, the store across from the school I shopped at, and the park I played in.  With no parental supervision.  Those were the days.  I mean, maybe they were and maybe they were not.  Great memories!! Enjoy.