Mother Nature – Get back on your meds

I understand that springtime and fall can bring about a wide variety of weird weather patterns.  Leaving Africa in August to arrive in Washington State.  Traveling to Seattle and then California with a friend in September, and eventually driving to Washington D.C. in October has had me confronting the most drastic weather patterns that I have encountered in my entire life.  I have been exposed to 89 degrees, clear down to 10 degrees.  I am seriously not sure how to feel about this.. except to say at this time I am seriously ready to go back to Africa!!!!


“When all is said and done, the weather and love are the two elements about which one can never be sure.”
― Alice Hoffman

Ahhh – comforting warmness

“SAUL: ‘We made love outdoors, my favorite place to make love, assuming the weather be fair and balmy, and the earth beneath be clean. Our souls intertwined and dripping with sweat.”
― Roman Payne

…. then rain….

“From where we stand the rain seems random. If we could stand somewhere else, we would see the order in it.”
― Tony Hillerman

But the sun returned.. with an enormous amount of cold.. but still the beautiful sun..

“Even after the stormiest weather, a true warrior will still reflect the brilliant rays of the magnificent sun through both his or her eyes. You may get hit by sudden lighting or take severe beatings from the cruel wind, but you will always get back up and stand strong on your feet again, soak in the sunlight, and be prepared to get hit by even the most merciless hail – time and time again.”
― Suzy Kassem


So yeah… then came the snow and the very, very cold.

Finally, after a torrential snow, sleet, rainstorm…I wake up today to this.


I’m going to just assume it’s cold out and stay inside and pretend that it is still summer.  I do love the seasons changing.. I just wish they would not visit every season in a one day period!!

“Pray don’t talk to me about the weather, Mr. Worthing. Whenever people talk to me about the weather, I always feel quite certain that they mean something else. And that makes me quite nervous.”
― Oscar Wilde


Masking the obvious

Of course it’s close to halloween and of course we are doing a blog on masks.. makes perfect sense.  Last year I took the post into the realm of masks we hide behind as people (31 Days of Randomness, Masks and Faces) this year.. well.. I took it literally.

Let me start by saying that some things just do NOT need masks or any special coverage for halloween!!! They are cute and surprising and funny with or without.  that would be my own kids, my grandkids, my neighbor’s kids, my sister’s neighbor’s kids, etc.

Other people, usually adults, actually probably do better with a mask.. for sure. Or at least feel that a mask makes them more clever or interesting. In fact, it usually does. Whether it be for halloween or just to make a statement.

Bottom line, masks are fun.  Hope you enjoy.

“Don’t you know that a midnight hour comes when everyone has to take off his mask? Do you think life always lets itself be trifled with? Do you think you can sneak off a little before midnight to escape this?”
Søren Kierkegaard


Masked posts:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

“Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence.
Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance.
Autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence.
Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.”
― Yoko Ono

This week’s photo challenge is “Changing Seasons”.  I hope you enjoy my take on it.

cherry blossom spring Christmas fall close to winter fall football Fall towards winter madison in winter frost spring to summer summer fireworks winter winter frost Winter to spring

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Travel theme: Hot

I’m going to diverge from using standard photos of hot in relation to Ailsa’s travel theme this week as I’ve been living in a country that is HOT most every day.  It has been breezy and chilly lately.. dipped below 75 the other day.. brrrrrrrrr….

I have fortunately missed (or not missed-depending on how you look at it) the cold for the past 2 years in Venezuela and this paradise life is soon drawing to a close (13 more days — boooo) and I will be leaving the 75-95 F weather and bursting into Washington State where the same day forecast shows a near 40 degree reduction in temps.  So to prepare myself for this.. even just a little.. I decided to go with my one favorite cold weather heat me up.. FIRE… I hope you enjoy.

250175_10150250972218282_3775143_n 30268_388302158281_3565949_n 30268_388302643281_710656_n 216975_10150252237173282_3690452_n 270030_10150250971218282_1764825_n 252118_10150252232683282_6669426_n 68885_441302048281_3251220_n 249291_10150252237283282_7783234_n 39520_441301918281_8208359_n 71938_441301513281_4360807_n 67554_441301323281_5697032_n 37946_441301833281_7043375_n 30268_388301418281_6390124_n 30268_388301548281_4157624_n 263354_10150252236953282_4424639_n 68725_441299783281_6668514_n 30268_388301333281_5970714_n 30268_388300953281_5216112_n 30268_388300623281_917170_n 30268_388300483281_2813549_n 30268_388299193281_7723497_n 30268_388299958281_260098_n

30268_388300423281_7995947_n 30268_388300448281_4903217_n 30268_388299103281_2887302_n

Just a few of my favorites

31 Days of Randomness- Personal Inspiration 4 – Masks and faces


In continuation of my 31 days of randomness – Day 4.  Masks and faces.

As Halloween approaches I have 2 takes on this day of inspiration.  They both relate to masks and faces.. a fitting tribute to halloween.  The first though is about the masks and faces that we wear to fit in.  In to what?  Society, school, friendships, marriage, parenthood?  What are we all trying to fit into? The 2nd is all about the costume.

My first inspiration revolves around removing the masks that hide me from who I really am.  This requires an acceptance from myself for myself.  I mostly have done this and have been told quite boldly at times that maybe I shouldn’t remove the entire mask.. ha.. It’s said in good fun and taken that way.  It is true that sometimes partial masks are necessary.  You can’t deny this fact.  The expression, “Let it all hang out.”  Should more often than not be used in complete moderation.

However, it is my opinion that the masks that hide exactly who we are by nature should be removed completely.  Toss them to the curb and carry on smartly. As my younger sister used to say.. “Hold your head high sistah.. hold it high.”

Please Hear What I’m Not Saying

Jester maskDon’t be fooled by me.
Don’t be fooled by the face I wear
For I wear a mask, a thousand masks,
Masks that I’m afraid to take off
And none of them is me.

Pretending is an art that’s second nature with me,
but don’t be fooled,
for God’s sake don’t be fooled.
I give you the impression that I’m secure,
that all is sunny and unruffled with me,
within as well as without,
that confidence is my name and coolness my game,
that the water’s calm and I’m in command
and that I need no one,
but don’t believe me.

My surface may be smooth but
my surface is my mask,
ever-varying and ever-concealing.
Beneath lies no complacence.
Beneath lies confusion, and fear, and aloneness.
But I hide this. I don’t want anybody to know it.
I panic at the thought of my weakness exposed.
That’s why I frantically create a mask to hide behind,
a nonchalant sophisticated facade,
to help me pretend,
to shield me from the glance that knows.

But such a glance is precisely my salvation,
my only hope, and I know it.
That is, if it is followed by acceptance,
If it is followed by love.
It’s the only thing that can liberate me from myself
from my own self-built prison walls
from the barriers that I so painstakingly erect.
It’s the only thing that will assure me
of what I can’t assure myself,
that I’m really worth something.
But I don’t tell you this. I don’t dare to. I’m afraid to.

maskI’m afraid you’ll think less of me,
that you’ll laugh, and your laugh would kill me.
I’m afraid that deep-down I’m nothing
and that you will see this and reject me.

So I play my game, my desperate, pretending game
With a façade of assurance without
And a trembling child within.
So begins the glittering but empty parade of Masks,
And my life becomes a front.
I tell you everything that’s really nothing,
and nothing of what’s everything,
of what’s crying within me.
So when I’m going through my routine
do not be fooled by what I’m saying.
Please listen carefully and try to hear what I’m not saying,
what I’d like to be able to say,
what for survival I need to say,
but what I can’t say.

I don’t like hiding.
I don’t like playing superficial phony games.
I want to stop playing them.
I want to be genuine and spontaneous and me
but you’ve got to help me.
You’ve got to hold out your hand
even when that’s the last thing I seem to want.
Only you can wipe away from my eyes
the blank stare of the breathing dead.
Only you can call me into aliveness.
Each time you’re kind, and gentle, and encouraging,
each time you try to understand because you really care,
my heart begins to grow wings —
very small wings,
but wings!

With your power to touch me into feeling
you can breathe life into me.
I want you to know that.
I want you to know how important you are to me,
how you can be a creator–an honest-to-God creator —
of the person that is me
if you choose to.
You alone can break down the wall behind which I tremble,
you alone can remove my mask,
you alone can release me from the shadow-world of panic,
from my lonely prison,
if you choose to.
Please choose to.

Do not pass me by.
It will not be easy for you.
A long conviction of worthlessness builds strong walls.
The nearer you approach me
the blinder I may strike back.
It’s irrational, but despite what the books may say about man
often I am irrational.
I fight against the very thing I cry out for.
But I am told that love is stronger than strong walls
and in this lies my hope.
gold maskPlease try to beat down those walls
with firm hands but with gentle hands
for a child is very sensitive.

Who am I, you may wonder?
I am someone you know very well.
For I am every man you meet
and I am every woman you meet.

By Charles C. Finn

FOOTNOTE   Taken from John W. Johnston website. To enjoy more Charles C. Finn poems, visit

Now onto my 2nd inspiration.  Inspired to dress up for halloween.  Random costumes that I really, really liked with enough time to try to re-create one.

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This all started from a random site I found called  Apparently there is a group of people who have committed to posting a topic a day for 31 days.  31 Dayers 2012