Golden Faces Golden Places

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Ailsa’s Travel theme this week was gold.  What is gold to one is not necessarily gold to another. Here are a few of my interpretations about what is golden to me.  I hope you enjoy.

Golden in New Delhi

Golden in Turkey

Golden in Korea

Golden in Nepal

Best Golden moments though were the ones I spent back home with my family and friends.

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Day 1–iPad photos from Cuzco

This has been a challenge. I just wanted to see how non-edited photos from the iPad camera would fly. I do have editing capabilities here but no time and the uploading is not working except for a tedious one by one.. So this may or may not work out. We shall see. Wish me luck.

In the end it worked out.  However, with the drafting, editing and uploading so difficult and the bulky nature of the ipad itself.. it will probably stay in the room for the rest of my time here.  Thanks for stopping by.

20120915-062401.jpg 20120915-062440.jpg 20120915-062455.jpg 20120915-062506.jpg 20120915-062519.jpg 20120915-062538.jpg 20120915-062411.jpg 20120915-062550.jpg 20120915-062610.jpg 20120915-062559.jpg 20120915-062622.jpg 20120915-062637.jpg 20120915-062650.jpg 20120915-062721.jpg 20120915-062729.jpg 20120915-062745.jpg 20120915-062755.jpg 20120915-062842.jpg 20120915-062850.jpg 20120915-062906.jpg 20120915-062920.jpg 20120915-062928.jpg 20120915-062940.jpg 20120915-062950.jpg 20120915-063001.jpg 20120915-063032.jpg 20120915-063018.jpg 20120915-063040.jpg 20120915-063051.jpg 20120915-063115.jpg 20120915-063125.jpg 20120915-063133.jpg 20120915-063155.jpg 20120915-063146.jpg 20120915-063233.jpg 20120915-063210.jpg 20120915-063224.jpg 20120915-063239.jpg 20120915-063247.jpg 20120915-063255.jpg 20120915-063316.jpg 20120915-063309.jpg 20120915-063301.jpg 20120915-063323.jpg 20120915-063338.jpg 20120915-063330.jpg 20120915-063348.jpg 20120915-063359.jpg 20120915-063404.jpg 20120915-063410.jpg 20120915-062820.jpg 20120915-063103.jpg 20120915-062710.jpg 20120915-062421.jpg 20120915-062807.jpg 20120915-062833.jpg 20120915-062430.jpg