Looks like Morning

No matter how bad things are,

you can at least be happy

that you woke up this morning.

D. L. Hughley

Mornings from my window.  From running in groups to bathing in your front yard to tranquil roof-top scenes, it only takes waking up before the noise starts.  I love the morning.

Think in the morning.

Act in the noon. Eat in the evening.

Sleep in the night.

William Blake

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Sunday Post: Morning Reflections

Flying in the morning.. looking out the window reflecting on where I am going.

I was out of town last week and did not participate so I decided to combine a couple Sunday post topics today.  They are a perfect combination because morning is my favorite time to reflect.  So here goes and thanks to Jakes Printer for the last couple inspirations – Sunday post morning and Sunday Post reflection.

My reflection through your eyes. Brunch in San Francisco

Mornings are my favorite time to reflect on everything from what I will be doing today at work or what happened 20 years ago.  My favorite way to reflect is over a cup of coffee.

Organic farm posada owner prepping fresh ground coffee

Fresh ground coffee ready

Reflecting on how lucky I am over a fresh cup of organic coffee.

Camping and hiking and being out in nature help pull out the deepest reflections for me on my life and my luck and how everything fits together so perfectly.

Breaking camp in the Andes, Venezuela

morning coffee in montana camp

morning coffee sis

Dad waiting for coffee montana

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My last reflection of course would be either music or a quote as those seem to be my favorite way to end a blog.  This song touches me especially with the photo reflections that are attached to the video.



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