JakesPrinter’s has brought another great theme for this week.  CITY

After reviewing all of my favorite shots from my favorite cities I found too many to narrow down.  So what I decided to do is pick my favorite city to highlight and post some of my favorite pictures from that ONE city.. and for the others.. well.. I couldn’t just ignore them so they will need to follow in a slideshow.  Now if you’ve read a few of my past posts you will know what city I’m going to profile.  I hope you enjoy.


Statute of Liberty

New York

Canal Street New York

Elmo New York

New York Cabs

New York Times Square

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Travel theme: On Display

Can’t complain about missing a travel theme based on the fact I’ve been traveling, however, Ailsa’s theme “On Display” from October 12 seemed a very appropriate one based on my last several trips random and strange display photos I have taken.. and I am afraid that I will need to use some of my already used photos… but maybe not.

If you’d like to join in, here’s what to do:

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Addictions – Behind the glass

Speaking of obsessions.. you didn’t realize we were?  Well, we were.  You have hoarders, travel junkies, wine and beer aficionados, smokers.. and on the list goes. I have always prided myself in not having any addictions.  I’m the most normal person I know.  Right? Do you sense where this is going?

Well, let me start by saying, I just created a post regarding some of my fav photes and spoke of a woman who for 10 years has been taking random pictures of random things just for fun.  I have another friend who for some reason loves to photograph herself with only her eyes showing.  Tons of photos of her face from her eyes up.  It’s cool, fantastic and a little strange. The newest craze in photo-taking seems to be of oneself in front of a mirror with the camera showing you taking a picture of yourself.  I’m just glad I don’t have a random photo taking frenzy that consumes my life.. or do I?

Upon a recent review of a multitude of photo albums that I have put together I have come across a disturbing trend, an obsession I did not know I had.. or even upon knowing did not think it was that much of an addiction.  Here are just a few of the behind the glass photos I have taken over the past year.  They say the first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one.  Enjoy and do not mock me.

Addiction – Taking art to the street

As I reviewed my newest post I realized that I do have more than just one obsessive photo shot addiction..

Street Grafitti or Street Art?

I was inspired to go through all of my graf/street art pictures after reading Monkeymuesli’s blog Friday fun: art trail blog. The blog as a whole is a fun read with some very interesting photos but the art trail blog was especially interesting as I have an absolute love of street art and graffiti (even if I don’t know how to spell graffiti.. it took me 3 times, thank goodness for spellcheck.)  Painted walls have been a fascination of mine for quite some time.  I love the rawness of graffiti and street art and so I decided to post some of my favorites from Venezuela, New York, San Francisco, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia and I’m sure a few other places will pop up as I move through this blog.  I hope you enjoy.

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monkeymuesli (

The argument rages:

From graffiti to galleries:  street vs. Public (                                                           Street art vs graffiti on the streets of LA(                        What is Street Art? Vandalism, graffiti or public art (                              Art vs. Vandalism (

Sunday Post: Morning Reflections

Flying in the morning.. looking out the window reflecting on where I am going.

I was out of town last week and did not participate so I decided to combine a couple Sunday post topics today.  They are a perfect combination because morning is my favorite time to reflect.  So here goes and thanks to Jakes Printer for the last couple inspirations – Sunday post morning and Sunday Post reflection.

My reflection through your eyes. Brunch in San Francisco

Mornings are my favorite time to reflect on everything from what I will be doing today at work or what happened 20 years ago.  My favorite way to reflect is over a cup of coffee.

Organic farm posada owner prepping fresh ground coffee

Fresh ground coffee ready

Reflecting on how lucky I am over a fresh cup of organic coffee.

Camping and hiking and being out in nature help pull out the deepest reflections for me on my life and my luck and how everything fits together so perfectly.

Breaking camp in the Andes, Venezuela

morning coffee in montana camp

morning coffee sis

Dad waiting for coffee montana

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My last reflection of course would be either music or a quote as those seem to be my favorite way to end a blog.  This song touches me especially with the photo reflections that are attached to the video.