A re-visit to growth – 9/11

My post on “Growth” was probably the best tribute to 9/11 I could have put out there. I don’t like remembering some of the negative imagery however, I think sometimes you should take a moment and just remember..

The scary times..

The ridiculous times…

And the times you need to stop and reflect and remember…

Believing You Must Not Think Negatively Can Rebound                    by Ken Ward

Part of the Positive Thinking movement advocates that negative thoughts shouldn’t be tolerated. The irony is that suppressing these thoughts seems to cause them to repeat. One of the sure ways to get someone to think of something is to tell them not to.

It is regarded by some almost as a truism, that we should avoid the negative and embrace the positive. However, the process of self-development is not that simple, and positive thinking is helpful to some, but not others, and depends on the context. Sometimes positive thinking makes us worse.