Hong Kong Traveling Through

Finally on my way to Nepal and so it’s only fitting I complete Ailsa’s travel theme this week with my photos of traveling through Hong Kong.  I hope you enjoy.

I am finally done with my language training and in honor of passing my program I bought myself a little present.  It’s still a point and shoot just a better version with a better optical zoom.  It’s a Sony Cyber Shot with a 50x optical zoom.  It also has some fun features like “illustration mode”, “water color mode” and a few that I haven’t quite figured out yet.  I’m still getting used to some of the different special effects. Some I like and some make me feel that the picture is not actually real. I think it’s the HD black and white especially that I’m not sure if I like because it’s almost too intense.

Anyways.  I am currently on a 4 day lay over in Hong Kong before heading on to Nepal.  I decided to play with some of the camera’s special effects, test out the zooming ability as well as try taking some plain old normal pictures.  I hope you enjoy my attempts.