Taking it to the Streets – Peruvian Style Street Art

POR FIN!! I know this will be a shock to some in locations that are more technologically stable, but it took literally 3 days to upload these few pictures.  That’s the thing about technology.. when it works it’s amazing and when it doesn’t we all begin to feel a little doomed.  I know, I know.. a bit dramatic.

Speaking of dramatic.. (nice lead in right).. Some of the street art / graffiti in Peru did in fact carry that title quite proficiently.  As you might have noted from one of my past blogs regarding street art I am a bit fixated on random artistic street art.  Some of the following pictures are definitely typical graffiti and some of the pictures show how amazing and beautiful this type of expression can be.  I think even some of the most basic graffiti can look amazing when presented in a different language.  Same when someone says something to you with an accent right? Tell me I’m wrong.. go ahead..  Enjoy..

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Addiction – Taking art to the street

As I reviewed my newest post I realized that I do have more than just one obsessive photo shot addiction..

Street Grafitti or Street Art?

I was inspired to go through all of my graf/street art pictures after reading Monkeymuesli’s blog Friday fun: art trail blog. The blog as a whole is a fun read with some very interesting photos but the art trail blog was especially interesting as I have an absolute love of street art and graffiti (even if I don’t know how to spell graffiti.. it took me 3 times, thank goodness for spellcheck.)  Painted walls have been a fascination of mine for quite some time.  I love the rawness of graffiti and street art and so I decided to post some of my favorites from Venezuela, New York, San Francisco, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia and I’m sure a few other places will pop up as I move through this blog.  I hope you enjoy.

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monkeymuesli (monkeymuesli.wordpress.com)

The argument rages:

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