I’ll be back… well actually I almost am!!

Well..HELLO!!!  After about 7 weeks of traveling the U.S. and visiting friends and family, I am finally starting training.  It was an amazing trip that took me from Washington State to New York and finally down to North Carolina and eventually back to DC.  Along the way I took some great photos that I’m hoping to share in the coming weeks. I had an awesome time with the kids, the grandkids and several friends that have spanned a 40 year period of my life.  I’ve closed some doors and opened others.  Made some resolutions and broke others.  Now comes the return to work.  I’m excited as I have never been very good with too much time on my hands and nothing productive to do.

I have a new macbook pro and after only 2 days I was back at the Apple store ready to return it.  I couldn’t load any of my photos, there were so many things happening that appeared out of my control and I could not get ahold of customer support. I once again contacted the online appointment system and was told by an automated (person??)  “We are so sorry there are no “genius bar” appointments available.”    Automated phone rage was setting in.  I made a call to the store and when I was told that there was no one to help me today I asked if someone could help me return the machine.  A not so nice, “well, yes” was handed to me.  I angrily stomped all the way to the store.

At the store I was politely told, “It’s not us, it’s YOU!!”  I was walked through an on-the-spot training to learn some of the newest and “coolest” ways of using this new technology.  I get it now, though I’m not sure I love it yet. I was also having trouble up-loading my photos and just like when you take a car into the mechanic.. none of the problems I was experiencing from home was happening at the store.

It was true it wasn’t the computer it WAS me.  New formats for WordPress photos, new computer operating system, new everything..  WHY… WHY.. WHY do companies change technology so often when it worked so well before.  Do they not understand the old dog – new trick issues? So here goes.  I am hoping to start up with blogging again.. though the internet here has been mediocre at best.  Boo !!!!!

Now enough of all of that.. I think I mentioned before all of my first world problems.  If a computer glitch (and a new computer at that glitch) is the worst thing I am going to be faced with in the coming year then I guess I have it pretty good.  The bottom line is I had an exceptional 2 months of travel and I am ready to begin training for my new location.  It’s good to be back and I promise this is the last of my complaints.. for… today.