SUNDAY POST : Architecture

Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post this week is Architecture.  I previewed quite of few of the impressive blogs that have joined in this week and I am including links to some of my favorites.  There are a wide variety of amazing photos from stark black and whites to colorful and vibrant buildings and structures that definitely fall into Jake’s definition of “culturally significant”.

I decided to go with the part of Jake’s post that spoke to architecture satisfying its intended use.  I would also like to add that though some appear quite “rustic” many covered the condition of inspiring delight with their array of colors and textures.  Though some of my photos do not appear technically sound most have survived this areas natural lightening phenomena and torrential storms that pass through nearly 200 of 365 days a year.

The first pictures here demonstrate what happened to the building we were staying in during the massive thunder and mini “tornado” strike we had the night before.  I’m adding this to show just how durable the buildings actually are.

House we stayed in the morning after a mini-tornado passed through ripping one of the posts that held the roof on. The post was thrown over the top of the roof and impaled the roof and landed exactly where my friend had been standing.

The post that would have taken out my friend. Weighed about 70 pounds.

Took 3 men to hoist this post. Well not really but they wanted to pose with it.

Not sure if they were preparing to attack the house that nearly took out my friend, or if they were just aghast at the site.

Welcome to the architectural wonders of Catatumbo, Venezuela.

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Some of my other favorites

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