Misty waters of Vietnam

Ailsa’s travel theme this month was Misty.  As mentioned in my lat post the first 6 days of my trip from Hanoi to Vietnam were cold and misty and on other days down-right pouring.  Her theme was great for this weeks posting as I spent many of my days on the water in Vietnam.  Though not all shots portray misty, after the first 6 days it took me nearly a week to dry out.

The following photos were taken on the water and in the water in places all over Vietnam.  The beautiful boat ride part of my tour visited Ha Long Bay in Vietnam which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It was amazing.  There were thousands of little islands that jutted from the water most of which were not inhabited.  At the base of a couple of the bigger islands there were floating villages that housed four fishing villages.

We also visited locations in the Red River Delta, Hoi An, Mai Chau and Bai Tu Long Bay. A very mystical place indeed.  I hope you enjoy.

I enter the world called real as one enters a mist.

Other photos on the water I really loved.  There is probably nothing misty about these.


As well as a couple more:

vietnam person in paddie vietnam rice paddies

vietnam random water favorites vietnam mist on canoe Vietnam crowded waters vietnam boats on water vietnam people on boat vietnam canoe

My favorite final shot of water.


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12 thoughts on “Misty waters of Vietnam

  1. Wow where to begin… such amazing photos! This is a place I would love to see and I feel like I have been there along with your incredible photos. Sorry to hear your holiday was a soggy one to start. We had the same for our 4 days in Hong Kong. Not just rain, but heavy downpours. It got me to thinking… those lovely green lush landscapes don’t get that way by accident… and I just happened to be there and soak up some of the moisture in my clothes and shoes!
    Thanks also for the pingback 🙂

    • That’s a great way to think of it.. also would have been a nice title. I’m going to be working in India for a couple weeks in May or June so I’m hoping to get some good pics for some themes.. my focus now is trying to add fewer photos to each post.. I just couldn’t help it with that one. I’m down to 1.5 years here.. so amazing. Great opportunities. How is it going there?

      • Yes it is SO hard to pick photos… I always have a hard time to pick a few.
        Will you be heading back to Nepal? Things here are into the busy season, so time flies and we feel we never have enough time. I signed on for 1 more year, but things may change as another opprotunity has presented it self. We’ll see where it takes us…

        • Oooooh!!!! Keep me posted. I love it when an opportunity presents itself. I’m in Nepal now but my most recent opportunity is to work in India for 2 weeks at the end of May. Fun fun fun.

          • Wow you have a lot of great opprotunties. Would this end your stay in Nepal early?
            We have found a school in the Middle East that pays WAY more and they honour the hard work that their staff does. High expectations, but they reward and acknowledge that. Where I am now I am expected to do a lot and not always appreciated. Tired of a larger work load and less time to do it. My spare/free time is now work related. Even holidays and breaks I am doing something. Once I was having computer issues and also lost almost all my preps over a month and I complained. I was told well Christmas break is a few days away. You can catch up then! Wow the nerve… and this is from a Western boss. Its funny how the local workers can leave straight away everyday and never take work home. The western staff are often staying late and taking lots home. Funny since we are to be co-teaching. We only decided to stay longer since my hubby is trying to get a business sorted and it is easier to do here.

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