Topsy Turvey and a little off-center

Well, it’s monsoon season again in Nepal.  My last monsoon season here. I’ve packed up my house, planned my travel from here to home, from west coast to east coast, to training and off to my next great adventure.  The two years I have spent here in Nepal have been amazing in every kind of way possible. I believe I have grown in my understanding of my work and myself.  I have come to realize things I need to change about myself as well as what about me is good and I just need to learn how to strengthen and smooth these things out.  I had a professor who once said to me, “Sam, you are really an amazing person.  A little rough around the edges and if you could just learn to smooth that out and channel it, you would be even more amazing.  You are a diamond in the rough.”

I have to say, he was right.  I do need to smooth out some things.  However, what is good is very good.  I little off-center for sure, but good.  It’s a bit shocking that my time in Nepal has brought all of these things out.  The good, the bad, the rough and the smooth.  In honor of all things off-center, I have chosen Ailsa’s travel theme off-center to focus on some of my favorite off-center photos of people, places and things in Nepal.  I hope you enjoy.

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